MTM offers Heavy Component Machining for all Industries

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Due to the size of the turbines and other components needed to make these massive generators perform, CNC machining is essential to create dependable parts[/caption]

​For some parts standard CNC machinery will be all that’s required. However, when it comes to components found on large pieces of machinery like excavators and windmills, specialized machine centers are needed. That’s why MTM has been trusted for decades for all your heavy component machining needs. This process involves the handling of very large castings or billets, which then require the use of specialized tooling. This tooling is designed to withstand the stress and abuse of machining the specialized metals commonly used for these components.

Along with specialized tooling and large bedded CNC machine centers, moving raw material and fixtures around on the shop floor can be a real challenge. Therefore, MTM is outfitted over 100 overhead boom cranes to ensure parts are transported as safely and efficiently as possible. Along with conventional movement of parts and fixtures, MTM also utilizes 6 Palletech systems which allows a single operator to effectively work on multiple machine centers at once. With over 400,000 square feet of machining space there is no big too large for us, even if that means purchasing a new machine to do it.

Key Industries for Heavy Component Machining

  • Mining – Trucks, tractors, loaders
  • Construction – Excavators, trucks, cranes, bulldozers, pile drivers, earth movers
  • Agriculture – Tractors, balers, plows, irrigation systems
  • Aerospace – Aircraft, satellites, space rockets, turbines, drones
  • Energy / Power Generation – Wind turbines, generators, impellers

Here at Manitowoc Tool and Machining quality is not an option. Our quality lab is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the nation. Our state of the art CMMs will ensure your parts are 100% to spec and meet or exceed all your quality inspection requirements. On top of that MTM is now both ISO 9001:2015 certified. Contact one of our sales engineers today by clicking the quote button below to get a quote on your next heavy component machining project.

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