CNC Machining in the Energy Sector

Energy in all its forms is the essential component to any modern society. The introduction of electricity into the mainstream back in the late 1800s led to exponential growth across all industries and technologies. Maintaining these systems in modern times requires components made with unparalleled precision. These methods for producing electricity have never been as efficient or as complex as they are now, and they are constantly evolving. Therefore, the demand for 3 and 5 axis CNC machines parts for this sector has never been higher. MTM has thrived in this industry for decades and continues to prove their proficiency in the machining of these parts.

Automotive and Aerospace have always been two of the most popular industries for CNC machining. However, as technology has been growing rapidly in energy production and storage, mainly due to the “green energy movement” the need for more machining in this sector has increased dramatically. Thus far the renewables sector has been growing over 5% a year since 2007 and shows no signs of losing that momentum.

Therefore, in the foreseeable future the demand for CNC machined parts will correlate to the demand for green energy generators. Below you’ll find a list of the three main ways technology has changed the way we produce electricity in very substantial ways.

Solar Power

We’ve found that solar panel manufacturers are commonly relying on CNC machine centers for frames and housings. Along with that, we’re seeing 3D printing becoming a prevalent force in this industry which is some MTM will soon be able to provide. Besides the solar cells and frames themselves, there are many other parts involving the movement of the panel as it follows the sun that also require precise manufacturing made possible by CNC machines. Drilling and 3-axis milling machines are ideal for such projects and without them solar panels would not be able to be produced at the rate or size they are now.

Hydro Power

Hydropower turbines have the added responsibility of not only generating power but doing it in a safe manner. They need to be able to withstand massive amount of water pressure and corrosion while their turbines rotate with the current and generate electricity. The risk is much higher vs solar to do this competently as the consequences for failure could be devastating.

Due to the size of the turbines and other components needed to make these massive generators perform, CNC machining is essential to create dependable parts in high-wear environments. Aside from the massive turbines themselves, CNC milling and turning is used for the creation of gears, flanges, gates and other structures to support them.

Wind Power

We have all seen them along the highway, in farm fields and on private land; without a doubt electricity derived from the wind is here to stay. The precision parts used to assemble these gigantic wind turbines undergo extreme stress unique to their industry. Along with the massive blades and giant ball bearings, other supporting bracketry and housings must be machined. Utilizing CNC technology shops like Manitowoc Tool and Machining have been able produce the parts required to properly equip these colossal green-energy generators. Like parts used in airspace, components used in this industry require similar quality and precision.
For the most part multi-axis lathes are used for the creation of things like gears, housings and rotors for wind turbines. Along with 3 and 5-axis machine centers for bracketry components, CNC drilling machines are also commonly used for creating holes in large housings and heat exchangers.

When it comes to the Energy sector MTM has both the knowledge and the machine capabilities to produce nearly any component you can imagine. This page has just explored a few of the new-age alternative forms of energy becoming popular in this industry, however more conventional sources such as coal and nuclear power of course still require precision components to operate safely. We can of course assist you in these areas as well. Please click the button below and a MTM representative will contact you to discuss your project needs.

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