Constantly Pursuing Our Goal

Dear Valued Customer,

Please complete the information request form below with as much detail as possible.  This will help us determine how well we are performing, and to improve in the future, we appreciate your time in completing the customer survey.

Information provided by you, the customer, will not be shared or sold to anyone. All results will be kept confidential.

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  • Enter a check mark following the score which best describes our customer service on each of the following dimensions.
    • 5 = Excellent customer service - the best of all suppliers.
    • 4 = Good customer service - better than most suppliers.
    • 3 = Fair customer service - average customer service.
    • 2 = Poor customer service - less than most suppliers.
    • 1 = Unsatisfactory customer service - lowest of all suppliers.

  • Communications

    1. How well do our employees communicate with you in both written and oral form?

  • Delivery

    2. How well do we satisfy your delivery requirements?

  • Quotations

    3. How well do we respond to your requests for quotations (RFQ's) and convey concise and useful information?

  • Sales Personnel

    4. How important a resource are our sales personnel to you?

  • Technical Support

    5. How important a resource are our technical support to you?

  • Quality

    6. How well do our services satisfy your expectations?

  • Packaging

    7. How well do our services satisfy your expectations?

  • Customer Service

    8. Overall Customer Service Grade